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Vacation snacking

One of my goals has been to slowly improve what we eat. It's a combination of not wanting to eat a lot of overly processed (or sugary) foods and trying to be more sustainable at home. The kids (and I, of course!) love to snack. So I was excited to try some new recipes that I received in my WAHM-Articles newsletter. The favorite so far has been Cheerios Bars.

4 (okay 5, but I skipped one) simple ingredients; 1/2C honey, 1/2C sugar, 1/2C peanut butter and 3.5-4C Cheerios. The recipe called for peanuts, but I don't often have them at home so I upped the amount of Cheerios, it called for 3C. Heat honey & sugar until mixed and bubbling. Remove from heat & mix in peanut butter. Add cheerios & press into a greased 13x9 pan & let cool before cutting.

Clean up is WAY easier than when making Rice Krispie treats!

The kids love them and I do because: 1. I made them myself. 2. the ingredients are (mostly) natural and on hand. 3. I can pronounce all the ingredients. 4…

Market Mommy Blog Party

This is a departure from my normal, laid back, whine about something blog when I feel like it, kind of blog post. Today starts another week long Market Mommy Blog Party!

I've never blogged about someone else's blog (or maybe my shallow mind can't remember), but Market Mommy Blog Parties ROCK! Why do the rock? Because I always seem to win something! :D.

So click on the Market Mommy Blog Party links I have peppered this post with (say that 5 times fast!) check out all the cool prizes that can be found through member's Etsy shops and read the rules to enter. The rules changed a bit for this party, so read them carefully! This time around we're not commenting on the main Market Mommy Blog Party Post, instead add your comments on the posts for the prizes you would like to be entered to win. Each day new prizes are posted so check back each day this week.

Happy Valentine's Day

Last night my 9 year old made these wonderful Valentine's brownies to take to her school party today. She saw the picture in the Betty Crocker calendar and immediately wanted to make them. It was lot of fun and she did all the decorating all by herself.

When we think of Valentine's Day we think of all sorts of chocolates and treats, some can be heart-healthy, a lot aren't. What are some of the things you might do to make a recipe more heart-healthy?

We often substitute applesauce for eggs or oil in a recipe. You can substitute low fat milk (plus a little healthy oil) for whole milk, etc. There is a wonderful list of heart healthy substitutions on the American Heart Association's website.

There are some good tips and plans for leading a more heart healthy life at Go Red For Women, Better U and My Life Check. These sites also have tools that you can use to see what your heart health risks are.

So think of your heart this Valentine's Day and treat it with a yummy he…

Sunshine Blog Award

Wow! I feel so honored to receive a Sunshine Award from Heather Price of Free Skin Care Help! I've never received a blog award before.

It's actually making me feel rather guilty. I've been so busy preoccupied scattered lately that I've really been neglecting this blog as well as my regular Examiner column.

I guess that is the challenge sometimes when trying to do a lot of things from home with the kids helping out, sometimes it just doesn't all get done.

But I can safely write that many of the disasters distractions of January have been resolved and this award is a good reminder to help me get back on track!

So thank you so much Heather! I am honored that you I am one of your 12 chosen recipients that you feel have mentored or assisted you in some way.

I'm posting the Award rules. I will admit up front that I won't be able to do my 12 nominees right away, but will get to it soon!

Sunshine Blog Award

Here are the rules:
• Put the Logo on your sidebar, or within …

Wordless Wednesday 2/3/10

Okay, I'm a day late. But this was too cute to wait until next week. This is of a service dog being taught how to perform CPR.