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Bonus Day 9.12

I'm teaching tonight and had planned on myriad projects throughout the day.  Nothing critical, but things that had been piling up.

But I got a call to sub, so I headed in to teach.  Halfway to the school I received a call that they didn't need me after all.

Despite a plan already in place, that call canceling work made today feel like a Bonus Day.

You know what a Bonus Day is, right?  It's that day that suddenly is wide open.  No appointments or pressing projects or work.  A completely open day - or in my case a 3/4 day since I have a late afternoon class.

What to do on the Bonus Day?  Go to the gym?  Take a walk?  Go hiking? Lie in the hammock? Write?  The possibilities are endless!

So my Bonus Day was not that exciting.  I did some housework (necessary), I did some paperwork (not necessary, but was piling up), I journaled (necessary), I'm blogging right now (necessary), and I'm going to post some classes (necessary).  I made myself a nice salad for lunch and John…