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Wordless Wednesday 9/30/09

Today we visited the Pink Fire Truck. These guys and gals drive these pink Fire Trucks all over the U.S. to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. You can see and read more about them on their website at and their blog at

Ouch! I sprained my …

Previously I posted about sprains and breaks. Sprains are more common, so I thought I’d write a bit more about them.

In general terms a sprain is when you stretch a ligament beyond its normal reach. This occurs most commonly when you roll your ankle, or fall and bend your wrist back further than it would normally go.

Sprains hurt. They can hurt a lot. Your basic treatment is to apply ice, immobilize the injured area and seek medical attention. The ice will help numb the pain and will reduce any swelling. Immobilization will help the injured area to rest and will make your trip to the doctor’s office or emergency room a lot easier or at least a bit more pain-free.

With minor sprains you can probably just use ice, immobilization or rest, and keep the injured area elevated. With more severe strains you will need medical treatment. How do you know the difference? You may not know on your own, hence the suggestion to seek medical attention. A mild sprain can be treated easily; a mor…

Wordless Wednesday 9/23/09 #2

This is AFTER the first scrubbing. No, this is not paint - it is (was) hot pink nail polish. You can purchase nail polish remover by the gallon at Sally Beauty Supply

Wordless Wednesday 9/23/09

Thanks to for this classic picture. I am thinking that this First Aid Kit has not been restocked in a while....

Is it a sprain or a break?

You fall and go boom and something hurts ...

Is it is sprain or did you break something? Clinically the only method to truly know is with an X-ray, but basic treatment right after an injury is the same: Ice, elevation (if possible) and immobilization until you can seek medical attention.

Broken bones or fractures are often not as dramatic looking as we may see on TV or in the movies. When we (or our kids, significant others, friends, etc.) break a bone, our arm (leg, hand, wrist, ankle, foot, toes, fingers... you get the idea) does not bend out at funky angles or have bony pieces sticking out of it. Yes, occasionally that may happen to someone, but most likely it will look normal. Except that it hurts if we try to move it or put weight on it. That pain is good for a reason, it will keep us from moving it. Our first step is to put ice on it. Ice numbs the pain and also helps reduce any swelling. Our second step is to seek medical help to determine if it is a break or sprain. Tha…

Wordless Wednesday 9/16/09

Like many of you I receive a lot of emails of funny poems, pictures, 'please forward to 200 of your closest friends to receive luck' types of emails on a somewhat regular basis. Most I just delete. Today I received an email with some of the funniest pictures I've seen in a while. This was just the perfect thing for me today. The message I'm receiving here is "Just Think on Your Own, don't rely on someone or something to do it for you".

Happy Wednesday!

Remembering 9/11

Today is September 11, 2009. Eight years ago our country was shockingly and tragically attacked. There are so many political and social ramifications that day has had on our country, our politics and our minds ever since.

I don't know the exact numbers, but over 5,000 people died that day. What numbers I do know is that 343 New York City Firefighters and 23 New York City & Port Authority Police Officers also made the ultimate sacrifice on that morning.

All of these folks woke up on a beautiful morning, went to work or the airport, and like us right now were probably thinking ahead on what they were doing that day, the next day and the upcoming weekend. That is over 5,000 immediate families who will wake up today missing that member of their family. For over a million they are missing a member of their extended family.

There will be a lot of talk and references to that fateful morning today, this post is probably just one of thousands (or more). My message is to cherish each …

Shopping, with kids: Our unhappy soccer cleat shopping tale.

We're just finishing up the second week of school and we've already had to go shopping several times for various things. My husband took the easy job of taking the girls for their back to school supplies. I get the fun jobs like taking the kids for sneakers and soccer cleats. Oh, yeah - don't let me forget to mention that he has had a lot of overtime the past few weeks so the whole gang was able to go shopping in force.

So this post is a major slight rant. I'll apologize for it in advance.

The rant is not about shopping with 4 kids to buy 2 pairs of soccer cleats. It is about the lack of customer service we were able to experience at a very large sports box store. It was the week before soccer practices start for most public schools. We're new to soccer, the girls have never played before. We found (on our own) the soccer section. No signs pointed us the right way, we just happened upon it wandering around the store (with 4 kids). My oldest is tall for her …