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I won't bail on you

I had the pleasure of picking up a last minute class this weekend.  Not last minute because someone or an organization forgot they needed certification until they were all expired.  No, this was last-minute because the instructor they scheduled the class with called and canceled on them just days before the class was supposed to be held.

It kinda got me thinking.... who schedules a class with a group and then cancels on them because they don't have anyone to teach the class?

Since I started my business I have only canceled a class twice, both times were due to snowstorms.  I rescheduled as quickly as possible.  The only other reason I would cancel would be if I were so ill I couldn't do the course.  But I would never schedule a course on a day or time that I couldn't be there to teach the class.

But I suppose in larger organizations this may be more common.  But as I thought of that I thought of one of the larger training organization I've become affiliated with, a…

TMI - please just stick to the facts

I was thinking this morning about TMI (too much information, in case well, you didn't know what it meant, but maybe that is tmi?).

I was wondering when people call their local PD, or 911, why they feel the need to start telling all this information that isn't completely relevant to a total stranger on the phone.  And then I started thinking about some of the blogs I read, and my twitter feed, and realized maybe it's the anonymity of it all.  Perhaps we like sharing things with someone, or an audience, that we can't actually see.

Lately I've been trying to simplify my life.  Things can be so complicated sometimes.  And a bit of my simplifying is thinking about how wordy I can be sometimes, and trying to say more with less.

But back to this mornings random thoughts, which were prompted by a dispatching shift yesterday and got me thinking about several of my previous shifts.  Thankfully I'm a per diem, so I don't have to think about this stuff every day.

My co…