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I couldn't wait for success, so I just went right ahead without it - Jonathan Winters

This morning I had what was probably the most productive business planning and introspection ever. And I was at the beach.


My oldest wanted a beach day with a friend (well friends, but scheduling didn't work out) without her younger siblings tagging along. So off we went this morning. While the girls used their boogie boards in the surf and had fun I was reading and listing to podcasts on my ipod. Having time to read and listen is RARE for me. So RARE I'm capitalizing it because, well,.... it just never seems to happen. I finally finished Corporate Mom Dropouts by Lucinda Cross and listened to some Mom Biz Coach audio blogs by Lara Galloway. And it just seemed that every section of the book, or the 3 or 4 audio blogs that I listened to just affirmed or got me thinking about what I am currently working on or where I am at with my business right now. What really made all …

Celebrate Independence Day Safely

Many of us celebrate July 4th the same way ... BBQ's with family, watching the fireworks and going to parades. Depending upon your plans, a little planning ahead can keep it safe for everyone.

If you're using the BBQ make sure little kids and pets don't run around the grill.Headed to a parade or ceremony? Take a picture of everyone in a group on your digital camera or phone when you first arrive. If anyone, especially a child, gets separated from the group you will have a picture to share and will remember what they were wearing.Choose a spot to watch the fireworks that you're not too close so young children will not be as frightened by the noise.Using fireworks or planning an outdoor fire? Make sure to have a garden hose or bucket of water handy for emergencies.
You can read a more detailed article I wrote on Fireworks Safety at

Have a safe Independence Day!Search for forth of july