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Hands Only CPR works

I realized today I had posted this on the Coastal CPR & First Aid Blog but I forgotten to repost it here.  This is a great story and what the article linked below fails to mention is that multiple bystanders assisted and helped save this man's life.

Last month several runners collapsed during the Market Square Day 10K. One suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

You can read the story in the Portsmouth Herald

In July's CPR by Donation class one of the participants in the class mentioned that she was there. She didn’t assist with CPR, and not because she didn’t want to. She said that there were so many people there already helping him it just made sense to stand back and wait to see if she was indeed needed. She said bystanders started Hands-Only CPR right away and that after the Portsmouth Fire Department used their defibrillator the runner was conscious when placed in the ambulance. Last I had heard from other sources is that he is recovering well.

This is great news…

Cruiser behind a sign

I know it's not Wordless Wednesday.  Nor I have I been particularly stellar about posting an interesting picture every Wednesday. But I saw this on a friend's FB wall and just wanted to share. :)  Happy Friday!