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Summer work

The past 3 years I've worked at summer camps.  I'd volunteered for 3-4 years before that at Cub Scout Day Camp for a week - it's only 1 week.  But the past 3 years I was paid staff at Camp Seawood.

I enjoy working at camp.  I'm outside all day without a cell phone.  It's almost Nirvana - almost because I'm surrounded by kids.  But for the most part they're all awesome.

This summer I decided to not work at camp.  I did end up volunteering at Cub Scout day camp the  last week in  June.  This is Micaela's last summer before going to NHIA.  I wanted to have time to do fun things with my kids.

But I usually teach fewer classes in the summer because fewer people sign up.  It's hot, people are on vacation, it's normally a slower time of the year.  I still need bring in some income to pay for the summer adventures.

I was fortunate to be able to book enough private on-site classes that covered the income I would have made at summer camp.  Hint:  summer c…