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2 bottles of ginger ale and customer service

There are 2 bottles of ginger ale in my driveway.

In case you're wondering why, read on for a tale of "I-don't-care-or-think-about-my-job-performance" and "Great-customer-service".

We'll start with "I-don't-care-or-think-about-my-job-performance".

I'm at the store, okay let's be really upfront... I was in Market Basket. Not my usual store, but the other one. The bagger, an older gentleman, said "How heavy do you want these bags?".  My reply ..."they can be heavy, but no heavier than what the bag can handle".   I have a large collection of reusable bags in all different materials, shapes & sizes.   He says "What?" and I repeat myself. He either really couldn't hear me, although I can be really loud, or he really didn't care. So he puts 4 2-liter bottles in 1 reusable bag. It was a bag like the blue reusable bags they sell at Market Basket, but it was my newest black American Heart Assoc…

Looking for a new address

Last February I moved my courses to a permanent home in Greenland, NH.

It was exciting and overwhelming all rolled into one. And it’s been a blast! I love having my own space to hold classes, scheduling has been so easy and I can accommodate last minute one-on-one classes. But I was also so nervous, I had monthly rent to pay and needed to make sure my finances were on track. I was so fortunate to be able to join forces with a colleague who is an Athletic Trainer and we co-share a double office in a small office building. We are both part-time businesses and were able to work out a great schedule that met both of our needs. I was so nervous at first that I might disappoint him if things didn’t work out for me. It has been so rewarding to discover that my classes have been popular and I’ve been busy teaching and using our classroom space.

 But sadly sometimes things don’t often work out as we hope.

My business is flourishing. I am so happy to be able to type that!

Despite needing to r…