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My first race!

If you've been following (or liking - I'm still not sure how to incorporate that into a good sentence) my Facebook page you probably saw my posts on my first road race.  Yes I entered a race!  And yes, I both finished and survived to write about it.

If you know me you know I am NOT a runner.  But I do like to walk.  While I'm reasonably healthy, I should be in better shape and I definitely need to lose some weight.  I'm not exactly the poster child for Heart Health in my classes.  I have a pretty healthy diet, but exercise was definitely lacking.  So this year I decided to try competitive walking.  Why competitive walking?  Because if I don't have a goal I've publicly committed to, I know I'll let other things in my life (kids, classes, work, housework, reading....) distract me and keep me from my goals.

So last Saturday I walked in the Children's Museum of New Hampshire 5K.  It was a lot harder than I anticipated.  I had walked the course once last yea…

Customer service

A few weeks ago I was told in an email that I didn't know the difference between customer service provided by a service provider and customer service provided by a store clerk.  It wasn't suggested in a nice manner so it's something I've been mulling off and on for a few weeks.  I knew I would blog about it, but wanted to make sure I wasn't reacting to the tone of the email.

I guess for me there really isn't a difference.

As a service provider (my courses) I do my best to meet the needs of my clients.  I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to receive positive reviews on the evaluation forms I use at the end of my classes. 

I also greatly appreciate anyone who provides a good service for me.  It doesn't matter to me if you are a clerk in a store, the person bagging my groceries, the customer service associate on the phone or someone I've hired to perform a job or task.  I'm quick to thank them for a good job.  If I get one of those store sur…