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Have you had your heating system checked lately?

I don't get a chance to watch the news on TV every day, but I caught a bit this morning which I thought would be a good story to share.  There have been 2 fires in 2 days here in New Hampshire, both possibly caused by woodstoves.  (see 2 fires in 2 days brings woodstove warnings.)

Have you had your heating system inspected or cleaned?  It doesn't matter if you heat with wood, oil, propane or natural gas.  You should have your heating system cleaned, serviced or inspected annually.  Have your chimney checked around the same time.  It's not just the furnace or stove that need to be checked; when heating with wood products you can have a buildup of creosote in your chimney flue.

Hazards you want to be careful of include:
A buildup of creosote can get too hot or be ignited by embers causing a chimney fire.  Improper installation of a stovepipe can cause a fire to walls and ceilings Make sure your heating appliance is properly vented to the outside so no fumes, smoke or gases en…