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There are some events or situations that no one can really explain why they happen.  The senseless shooting in Newtown, CT is one of them.

I'm having a really hard time comprehending what happened.  I'm struggling with it because I have children.  These beautiful children in this picture are the same ages as my son and youngest daughter.  I have yet to explain to them what happened and I know I need to do so soon as it will most likely be discussed in their school.  I am extremely thankful that we had a snow day today so I have more time to think on how to approach this.  Although I have been out teaching for most of the day so I have to figure out a way to ease into this conversation.

How do I explain this to them when I still cannot understand it myself?

A good friend is a parent educator.  She has posted some brief advice on her Facebook Page at  Another good friend shared this link:…