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I did not send you that obscene letter

Earlier this month I received a really vile sexually explicit letter in the mail. The return address was the American Safety and Health Institute in Oregon, but the letter was postmarked from New York.

ASHI did not send me that letter.

It’s part of an ongoing obscene chain letter. ASHI wrote about it on their blog here and here.

I contacted ASHI and sent them the letter I received. I thought this was the end of it. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I received a phone call very a very nice woman in a medical office in Nashua. Their office received this letter, and it had MY name and MY business name on it.

I began hyperventilating.

Later that afternoon I received a phone call from Newmarket PD. A childcare provider in their town received this obscene letter with my information on it.

I was hyperventilating, angry, freaked out and upset all rolled into one.

I did not send these letters. These obscene letters are not from me. The return address on those letters is my classroom in Greenland, NH. …

NH's new child safety seat law

On January 1st New Hampshire’s new child safety seat law took effect.

You can read the details at

Scroll down to part 1b. As of my posting this on 1/4/14 there are 2 paragraph 1b’s. The second is the updated section. I’m sure they will update this soon, probably after we shovel out from all the snow we go on January 2nd.

The new law is:
I-b. No person shall drive a motor vehicle on any way while carrying as a passenger a person less than 7 years of age unless such passenger is properly fastened and secured by a child restraint system which is in accordance with the safety standards approved by the United States Department of Transportation in 49 C.F.R. section 571.213. If the passenger is 57 inches or more in height, the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply. 

There is more to this section, but this snippet covers the big changes. Which are – If your child is under the age of 7 they must be in a child safety se…

Goals & Resolutions

Happy 2014!  Do you start the year off with all sorts of goals and resolutions?  Do you actually keep them?

I'm terribly at keeping resolutions. So I don't make them anymore. Instead I look at making small attainable goals and creating good habits.

So instead of saying I'm going to lose 40 lbs I'm going to work towards losing 10.  So if I step on the scale tomorrow and see I've gained a pound (or more with all the Chinese food I've been consuming) I'm not freaked out that I've shot my 40 lb goal.  I'm shooting for 10 and looser fitting clothing.  So I'm looking at losing 11 lbs instead of 41.  See where I'm going with this?  Smaller more attainable goals. So when I meet that goal at some point I'm excited and can make a new attainable goal if I decide I should continue to work on losing weight.  This works for any goal, not just weight loss.

They say (except I really don't know who "they" are) that it takes 28 days to make…