I did not send you that obscene letter

Earlier this month I received a really vile sexually explicit letter in the mail. The return address was the American Safety and Health Institute in Oregon, but the letter was postmarked from New York.

ASHI did not send me that letter.

It’s part of an ongoing obscene chain letter. ASHI wrote about it on their blog here and here.

I contacted ASHI and sent them the letter I received. I thought this was the end of it. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I received a phone call very a very nice woman in a medical office in Nashua. Their office received this letter, and it had MY name and MY business name on it.

I began hyperventilating.

Later that afternoon I received a phone call from Newmarket PD. A childcare provider in their town received this obscene letter with my information on it.

I was hyperventilating, angry, freaked out and upset all rolled into one.

I did not send these letters. These obscene letters are not from me. The return address on those letters is my classroom in Greenland, NH. I do not receive mail there so please do not return to sender. Please contact your local police dept.

If you’re received one, I’m very very sorry you received it and probably inadvertently read it. If you haven’t received one its worse than 50 Shades of Gray. Be thankful you haven’t received it. I'm the person who teaches brownie girl scouts how to apply bandages and treat for shock for a first aid badge. I'm not the kind of person who would write a pornographic letter. I'm just not that type of creative.

This letter is part of an ongoing chain letter that has been around for over a decade. And somehow I’ve been targeted and my business and I are victims of identity theft. There are versions of this letter that have been posted online. I've debated posting a link to one of them, but seriously... it's vile. And I didn't want to entice anyone to read it with a link. If you really, really want to read a version of this you can Google on your own "This letter was sent to my apartment, addressed to my roommate's sister, who does not live here....."

If you received this letter I am very sorry. Please contact your local police department. I’ve already reported this to the police in my town and the postal inspectors office.


  1. I had never heard of this before. I am sorry it happened to you, it is kind of sick if you ask me. And yes, I will keep in mind that if I ever get something like that, it needs to go to the police.

    There was a similar trick in Puerto Rico where people would call your cell phone and tell you they had your kid. They wanted money sent immediately to release your kid. My friend's dad was really frightened because he did not know which one of his granddaughters they had. He called my friend, practically in tears, and it so happens we had just seen it posted on Facebook and she was able to call the cops and give her dad reassurances that all his grandkids were safe. This is not just about money, it is about some sick need to cause pain to other people. It needs to be stopped, in every form.

    Hope you can straighten in all with your clients. Have a better day today.


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