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If it's too hot for a dog, it's too hot for kids.

This is something I rant about in classes sometimes.Okay, maybe more frequently in the summer months.

In tonight's news I saw this story and I'm not sure if I'm really really angry or really really sad.  Maybe I'm a mix of both.

4 children left in hot car taken to hospital

4 children between the ages of 9 months and 9 years old were left in a car, in a parking lot, with the windows rolled up, for up to 15 minutes.  Thank goodness someone saw them and called 911.

So often people passing by are quick to call 911 or the local police department when they see a dog left in a car in the summer.  Not as often do people call when they see a person or child sitting in a car in the warmer, or really hot, summer temperatures.  Thank goodness someone saw these kids and called.

Temperatures rise quickly in a vehicle when it's warm outside.  It doesn't matte…