Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blog neglect

I love having a blog, I love writing.  The challenge is that lately I have less and less time to write.

I own 2 small businesses. When things get busy some things get pushed to the side.  Writing in my blogs is one of them.

Last October the 2015 Guidelines for CPR & First Aid were released.  Shortly thereafter a price increase for training materials was announced.

Since then I have been taking instructor update courses and preparing for a price increase in my courses.  I've also been teaching and awful lot.  Awful lot is my term for, well... quite a few classes.  It's my generic term for, well, quite a few or an awful lot, of classes on my schedule.  You see, in addition to my community courses, I teach courses for businesses and organizations.  I've been traveling quite a bit the past few months and next month is shaping up to be just as busy.

What this means is my blogs get neglected. :(  For example, I started this post 2 days ago, and 2 days later I'm finally finishing it.

What I need to do is schedule writing time into my weekly schedule so that I do not continue to neglect my blogs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beware the Ides of March

Every March 15th we say this.  This morning I was wondering... what exactly does Ides mean?  What is an Ide?  Or is the singular Ides?  I think it means something like mid or middle... Inquiring minds want to know.

So I looked it up.  Google is always a good friend when I'm curious about something.

According to, Ides comes from the Latin word idus, roughly marking the 15th day of March, July & October and the 13th day of the other months of the year.  It's the halfway point of each month.  

The Ides of March is a metaphor for impending doom.  Julius Caeser ignored the warning "Beware the Ides of March" and was stabbed in the back on March 15, 44 BC - also giving us the term backstabber.

This is just my summarized version, use the link above to read the full explanation.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spinning in circles

I think we all start the new year off with resolutions, goals or just really good intentions.  And then, well, life just gets in the way.

One of my 2016 goals was to blog more.  And well, you can see where I'm at with that.

Part of my excuse is that I am currently spinning in circles.  I came down with a mild head cold in early January.  I laid low, rested, drank fluids, and was back at full steam in just a few days.  But I also jumped right into a new exercise routine, got busy, forgot to keep up with the fluids... and relapsed into a miserable head and chest cold that lasted almost a week.  I can't think clearly when I'm sick so a lot of things did not get done. But enough about my whining.

At this exact moment, I am sitting at my computer, it's snowing outside, the littles are up and we have our first snow day of the school year.  I'm not subbing because of the snow day.  Good day to get caught up on blogging right?  Except I'm still spinning in circles.  I have so many tasks to catch up on that I've been in squirrel project mode jumping from one to the other trying to move them forward.... and not completing anything.  {sigh}

The snow day is a blessing and a curse.  I'm home for the day with the kids.  Home to work, but also taking care of 4 kids who also need my attention.  I'm thinking this might turn into an I do not have enough coffee in this house type of day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The winning CPR meme

Several months ago I entered a meme contest.... and I won!  I had several entries and I realized today I never posted all of them or my winning entry.  So here it is.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

When do you expect payment for services rendered?

So I stirred up quite a conversation on my Facebook wall yesterday when I posted:

Got this line in an email today:

"it's just that we don't prepay anything we always wait to receive the services and then we pay just like anything else in life for the most part."

Think I can use that to pay for college?

A few of my friends replied with:
  • Please tell me this person was no older than 16.
  • People just don't understand that the person performing the services has to make the commitment ahead of time to be there so the people attending have to make the investment ahead of time. It is an investment, often with those you do not see the return immediately
  • I attend many seminars and trainings as a nurse and as an educator myself and it's always prepaid. Sorry Gail. I think you should require prepayment in the event no one shows you still ought to be paid in full. Good luck!
  • Have to say..I've always had to prepay (Both for business and personal commitments), this way the presenter is paid and so is the venue in case anything happens and the "event" is cancelled.
  • "Like anything in life?" Really? I seem to recall paying at or before the time of service for every class or program I've ever taken. I pay my doctor BEFORE she sees me. Who ARE these people? This is not groceries we're talking about.
The back story: I have some people in my class today whose employer is paying for them to attend. My policy is payment received no later than the start of the class. I had been asked to mail a bill somewhere and I explained I am not set up to do that, payment is expected no later than the start of the class.  At their request I sent a credit invoice to them. This is part of the reply that was forwarded to me after I told the person attending that I would be holding their cards until payment is received:

"I can maybe pay it electronically on my credit card on Monday it's just that we don't prepay anything we always wait to receive the services and then we pay just like anything else in life for the most part."

I receive this after attended a workshop in college financial aid. Snarkily I'm thinking, can I use that line to pay for my daughter's college tuitition?  "Maybe pay it on Monday"?  The class is on Saturday, yes please pay it on Monday.  Paying it on Saturday would be preferable.

But seriously, I'm not a tradesman that you pay for after the repair has been made or a utility company. Many courses and programs require pre-payment prior to the course. If I buy Christmas presents I have to pay for them before I can take or receive them.  I'm actually pretty lenient on requiring payment by the start of the class instead of in advance. I have to purchase textbooks and supplies for each course, there are expenses to the instructor or school before a class is even held.  I'm sure the industry that these folks are in requirement payment prior services received.  Whether it's a small business like mine, or a large educational institution, prepayment for educational services is the expected norm, not the other way around.