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Not wasting paper

Last night I printed several copies of a meeting agenda, and left them all on the printer when I went to the meeting.


This morning I have housework, a meeting, shopping, and errands.  This afternoon is more projects and shuttling kids to robotics, dentist, etc.  I also have a class this evening.  But what I also need to do today is mentally process and transcribe all the ideas and tasks I learned the last two days at the workshop I attended.

One of the things we briefly discussed at the workshop was a book, Write it down, make it happn : knowing what you want - and getting it! by Henriette Anne Klauser.  I've requested the book through ILL at my library and I'm excited to read it later this week!  But I was thinking of that while seeing the paper on the printer and thinking of all the ideas needing to come out.

So I spread the paper out on my table this morning.  Gave several sheets a header for the different businesses and things I have going on.  And I wrote down the…

Blissful overwhelm

I've had a lot going on lately.  Work, family, and a lot of decisions/changes coming up that I need to figure out.

I've posted a bit over at Coastal CPR & First Aid about some of those changes.  These are things I cannot change, but need to decide how I am going to approach each change.

What has happened is that there is so many directions that I can take while deciding how to approach these changes that I've become stuck.  I can't seem to move in anyone one direction and haven't made any decisions.  It's been frustrating.

This week I'm attending a conference.  I've worked at this annual event for 5 years.  This year the focus and content has changed ... and it is amazing!  I'm working ... and taking copious notes ... as the content is addressing what I need to be considering right. this. very. minute.

It's overwhelming.  In a good sort of way.

First I have to say if you ever have the opportunity to work with, or attend a workshop provided b…

Playing catch up

We have a 3 1/2 -4 day weekend at our house.  2 kids did not have school on Friday, 1 had a half day, none have school on Monday.  Since the kids are home I'm not scheduled to teach.  It's catch up time.

Friday was spent on housework, most of Saturday at a college open house.  When I scheduled the time off over a month ago I didn't realize all the unique decisions that were going to have to be considered.  I have to find a new home for my courses and the AHA changed it's pricing structure this past week.  It sounds like only 2 things, but each has multiple solutions and I have to figure out what is the best.  I also am hosting a workshop next weekend and I have a 2-day conference the week after.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by what I need to do or figure out.  I end up procrastinating and doing something else instead of what needs to be done.  And that's where I'm at right now.  Sitting in front of the computer and not accomplishing anything. Well, not exactly a…