Not wasting paper

Last night I printed several copies of a meeting agenda, and left them all on the printer when I went to the meeting.


This morning I have housework, a meeting, shopping, and errands.  This afternoon is more projects and shuttling kids to robotics, dentist, etc.  I also have a class this evening.  But what I also need to do today is mentally process and transcribe all the ideas and tasks I learned the last two days at the workshop I attended.

One of the things we briefly discussed at the workshop was a book, Write it down, make it happn : knowing what you want - and getting it! by Henriette Anne Klauser.  I've requested the book through ILL at my library and I'm excited to read it later this week!  But I was thinking of that while seeing the paper on the printer and thinking of all the ideas needing to come out.

So I spread the paper out on my table this morning.  Gave several sheets a header for the different businesses and things I have going on.  And I wrote down the first few things that came to my mind. Over the course of the day I'll add to this.  It's a casual way to get the ideas and thoughts out of my head without structure or a deadline.  I'll be able to add all the notes to the new planner I'll be making this week.


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