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What is online certification?

I received this comment on my posting of the video of the 2010 Guidelines on my Coastal CPR & First Aid Blog:

The term “accreditation” is an often-misunderstood term in the CPR industry. No organization exists that provides a national endorsement or accreditation to any CPR course provider. The American Heart Association cannot approve, endorse, or give accreditation for CPR training for any other organization. Each first aid certification provider is free to construct their own curriculum, standards, and teaching methods based on the ECC/ILCOR guidelines. American Academy of CPR & First Aid, Inc, courses strictly follow the ECC/ILCOR guidelines.

So at first I'm irritated, but then again I get A LOT of spam on the blog. Since I moderate the blog I decided that in the interest of fairness I would post the comment, but added the following reply.

Thanks Gold Price, but consider this…. 

The American Heart Association, American Safety & Health Institute, American Red Cross, …