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Irritated 1.11.18

I put the date in this post because at some point I'll probably write another post and want to call it Irritated.  With a date there is no confusion.

This is a bit of a vent, but I'm tired, irritated, miffed, sad, and overwhelmed.  Words starting going through my head and I always find it best just to write them all down.   So here is my vent.

I volunteer with a number of different organizations.  They are things that interest me or benefit my kids, which is why I do it.  At one point I was doing a lot of volunteering, and a lot of volunteer work.  Over the past year or so my life became a lot busier.  My business is growing, my kids have activities I need to transport them to/from, and I started doing a few things just for me.  Like walking and hiking.  And I began to read more.  It's really helped my stress levels.

Because I'm busier I asked some fellow volunteers to help out more so I could do a little less.  Not huge things, but to help share the load.  But what…