I won't bail on you

I had the pleasure of picking up a last minute class this weekend.  Not last minute because someone or an organization forgot they needed certification until they were all expired.  No, this was last-minute because the instructor they scheduled the class with called and canceled on them just days before the class was supposed to be held.

It kinda got me thinking.... who schedules a class with a group and then cancels on them because they don't have anyone to teach the class?

Since I started my business I have only canceled a class twice, both times were due to snowstorms.  I rescheduled as quickly as possible.  The only other reason I would cancel would be if I were so ill I couldn't do the course.  But I would never schedule a course on a day or time that I couldn't be there to teach the class.

But I suppose in larger organizations this may be more common.  But as I thought of that I thought of one of the larger training organization I've become affiliated with, and they confirm they have an instructor before they book the class.  Another doesn't confirm that in advance, but they cover every course they book - even it if means travel for an out-of-the-area instructor.

Then at the class I found out that this was the 3rd time this instructor (or organization) had canceled on them. I respect that the person scheduling the class for her staff was trying to work with someone who had been providing their courses for years, but felt badly that she had to scramble to reschedule more than once.

So all I can think of is that the instructor that was supposed to provide the course just doesn't take the courses they provide, or the scheduling of those classes, very seriously.  I mean, why would you schedule a course that you knew you couldn't provide?  Or perhaps they either don't care about what they do or the people they are providing courses for.  I suppose there is a whole host of different reasons I could come up with for why someone would cancel on the same organization 3 times in a row.

I am just thankful that the organization that needed the class reached out to me.  I did have to do a little schedule-juggling to accommodate the day and time they had already scheduled their staff to attend, and I didn't confirm that I would be there until I had made sure I had someone to watch my children. 

If I booked someone to come teach a course for me I would expect them to provide the course as scheduled, or arrange for someone else to provide the class for me.  As an instructor and as a small business owner I don't schedule courses that I cannot provide.  I do provide referrals to other instructors in the area and am happy to do so.  I have met someone wonderful instructors who I know take the courses they provide seriously and would provide an great class.  But the point of my post today is that I won't bail on anyone.  If some last minute emergency came up in my household I would find another instructor to provide the course or I would be there.


  1. Oh that would make me so mad if the class got re-scheduled three times like that. I guess it all worked out that you were able to teach & could arrange child care so that you could do so!

  2. I don't know that I would want to learn from an irresponsible instructor. Who's to say they won't leave something out of the training.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I have been a fan for a while but really haven't read the blog until today. I am really bad about not cancelling I refuse to do it. I would probably have to be dead to cancel a class and even then if my partner came to my funeral rather than teach the class I would probably haunt her!

    Take care,


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