Market Mommy Blog Party

This is a departure from my normal, laid back, whine about something blog when I feel like it, kind of blog post. Today starts another week long Market Mommy Blog Party!

I've never blogged about someone else's blog (or maybe my shallow mind can't remember), but Market Mommy Blog Parties ROCK! Why do the rock? Because I always seem to win something! :D.

So click on the Market Mommy Blog Party links I have peppered this post with (say that 5 times fast!) check out all the cool prizes that can be found through member's Etsy shops and read the rules to enter. The rules changed a bit for this party, so read them carefully! This time around we're not commenting on the main Market Mommy Blog Party Post, instead add your comments on the posts for the prizes you would like to be entered to win. Each day new prizes are posted so check back each day this week.


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