Happy Valentine's Day

Last night my 9 year old made these wonderful Valentine's brownies to take to her school party today. She saw the picture in the Betty Crocker calendar and immediately wanted to make them. It was lot of fun and she did all the decorating all by herself.

When we think of Valentine's Day we think of all sorts of chocolates and treats, some can be heart-healthy, a lot aren't. What are some of the things you might do to make a recipe more heart-healthy?

We often substitute applesauce for eggs or oil in a recipe. You can substitute low fat milk (plus a little healthy oil) for whole milk, etc. There is a wonderful list of heart healthy substitutions on the American Heart Association's website.

There are some good tips and plans for leading a more heart healthy life at Go Red For Women, Better U and My Life Check. These sites also have tools that you can use to see what your heart health risks are.

So think of your heart this Valentine's Day and treat it with a yummy heart healthy treat!


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