Vacation snacking

One of my goals has been to slowly improve what we eat. It's a combination of not wanting to eat a lot of overly processed (or sugary) foods and trying to be more sustainable at home. The kids (and I, of course!) love to snack. So I was excited to try some new recipes that I received in my WAHM-Articles newsletter. The favorite so far has been Cheerios Bars.

4 (okay 5, but I skipped one) simple ingredients; 1/2C honey, 1/2C sugar, 1/2C peanut butter and 3.5-4C Cheerios. The recipe called for peanuts, but I don't often have them at home so I upped the amount of Cheerios, it called for 3C. Heat honey & sugar until mixed and bubbling. Remove from heat & mix in peanut butter. Add cheerios & press into a greased 13x9 pan & let cool before cutting.

Clean up is WAY easier than when making Rice Krispie treats!

The kids love them and I do because: 1. I made them myself. 2. the ingredients are (mostly) natural and on hand. 3. I can pronounce all the ingredients. 4. I made them myself.

Posting a recipe is not something I have normally have ever done, but February is National Heart Month and March is National Nutrition Month. So after making and snacking on these fun bars this morning I thought I'd post my heart healthy snack for all to share.


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