Squirrel project day

A while back I wrote about one of my squirrel project days.  It's one of those days that you start one thing, and then do finish that thing you need to do another thing first, and then you see that other thing over there that needs to get done and hours later you realize you never finished the first thing.

That was pretty much how my pantry got completely cleaned out and organized today when I really just opened the door to see if I had flour.

I wanted to bake cookies.  The kids are going back to school this week, our oldest is going to back to college next weekend.  I wanted to bake cookies.  So I took the butter out to soften, looked up the recipe, and went to see how much flour I had in the pantry.

Keep in mind that I have a small pantry cabinet.  Not like a walk-in it's-called-a-pantry-but-is-really-a-storage-room-pantry, it's a small cabinet.

And it is really neat and organized right now.  It won't last long, members of my household like to rearrange it and everything ends up a mess.  But at the moment all the similar items are grouped together.  And the extra stuff is all downstairs on the 3 storage shelves I have at the bottom of the stairs.  And those shelves are now all organized and like items are together.

And we still made cookies.


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