Have you changed your Smoke Detector batteries?

One of the taglines I miss this time of year is "Change your clocks, change your batteries". Now that the change from daylight savings time has moved it doesn't coincide with Fire Prevention Week. This year we will return to Standard Time on November 1st.

Fire Prevention week has just ended, but have you checked your smoke detector batteries? Have you tested your smoke detector? This is a good time to do so. In many parts of the U.S. and Canada the weather is really getting colder, we are turning on our heat or using our fireplace or wood fired stoves. A working smoke detector and working carbon monoxide detector are important to have. Unfortunately I know this first hand, we almost had a fire last winter. Fortunately I smelled the smoke, but discovered that we had malfunctioning smoke detectors in our basement.

In my brief smoke detector research this morning I found this neat website will all sorts of Fire Facts, in fact it is www.firefacts.org. The site has great activities for kids, parents and teachers, including coloring pages, design your emergency escape plan, smoke detector basics and even some parent homework! The website is sponsored by First Alert, who is offering a 10% discount on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for visitors of this site. To find out about the discount visit First Alert's website at http://firstalertstore.com/firefacts-org-offer.htm.


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