The opposite of positivity

I am going to quote the opening lines of an AHA video I like.  "It started off as a perfectly normal day ... ".

And then it went to crap.

Errands done in just over 2 hours (go team!) back home and unloading groceries when I get a pretty nasty phone call.  That kinda immature ranting crap is something I should be able to deflect, but I can't.  I just tears my good mood and heart to shreds.  And it's hard to recover from because the first instinct is to lash out at others around me... my kids.  And it's not their fault my good mood is gone and I'm feeling sad and irritated.

So lesson reminders for today:

  • People who say they are going to change or work to become better people usually don't.  It's a panacea said in the moment.  That need to assert themselves or rain on the happy sunny days of others is something they just can't restrain.  They've always been this way and no conversation otherwise is really going to change that.
  • Some folks are just selfish and self-centered.  The emotions or well-being of others is secondary to them.  It's just the way they are.
  • I need to remind myself that my happiness and joy comes from within and that I need to work better to deflect this negativity.  It's hard to deflect when I try to have an open heart to everyone instead of building walls to protect it.  It's something I need to continue to work
Unrelated, but part of today.  Using laundry clothesline rope to put up hammocks will not hold a lot of weight.  Landing on the ground hard enough to cause a headache is not necessarily a concussion.

On a positive note, my copy of Life's Golden Ticket arrived today and I'm looking forward to reading it and taking the online course the author has put together.


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