I was working with a student in the school cafeteria where I was subbing yesterday.  We could hear the kitchen and custodial staff talking about today's snow.

They were comparing it to the Blizzard of '78.

{sigh}  [insert eye roll]

The forecast on Wednesday morning was 6-12".  This morning it was upped to 10-16".  We woke up to clear roads and no snow.  But it started snowing light later on.  This is a somewhat quick moving storm and will be over by this evening.  We have weather technology, weather websites, weather on TV, and social media to let us know the conditions.  It's not the Blizzard of '78 which lasted over 3 days and dumped more than 20" of snow where I lived in MA.  Yeah, I'm old enough to remember actually tunneling out the front door of our house.

I'm laughing at terms like Snowmaggedon.  Several years ago we had snow storms like this on a regular basis and the snowbanks were taller than my husband's pick up truck.  Today's blizzard is the first big storm in a long time.

So I'm laughing at the hype, staying home - and hopefully you are too.  Schools cancelled last night and many businesses announced they were closed or would close early today.  There are some awesome organized snow ball fights being organized on Facebook and perhaps you might be thinking cocoa, with marshmallows, might be the beverage of the day.  We have amazing resources to keep us abreast of the conditions and to help us stay safe during the storm.  The plow drivers are happily making money and we can all groan about the shoveling we'll do later.  I'm cooking today and getting ahead on work.

It's not snowmaggedon, just a nor'easter.    Stay safe.


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