I love getting comments on my blog. Occasionally I comment on other people's blogs. It's a good thing.

Most bloggers get spam, totally off-topic comments. We all deal with it. We just delete and carry on.

What gets irritating a nice valuable comments that contain links to someone else's website. When I post a comment on someone else's blog I don't put in links to my blog, website or business. It makes me come across as only posting to promote my own site. And when others folks do that on my blog it makes their perfectly good comment look like spam. And then that really nice comment never gets published.

Most blog sites have a box to input your website or blog when submitting a comment. That's where your website or blog should be posted. Adding relevant on-topic links to a different website, like for the American Heart Association website are okay as sometimes we want to share something that ties in to the post. However several hyperlinks back to the website or blog of the person making the post just screams SPAM.

So I just delete and carry on.


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