the Ultimate Blog Challenge

So I did something crazy and impulsive this morning. I signed up for a blog challenge. And it starts TODAY. Ack!

I know I need to spending more time on my blogs and websites... Yeah, that's blogs plural. My primary business is teaching and it's feast or famine, I'm either popular or I'm not. The past few months I've been SUPER popular which has been great. But a lot of the fun things (blogging), and necessary things (paperwork) have begun to pile up. So I'm probably nuts to commit to this.

But I learned an interesting lesson about myself recently and this challenge ties into it.

I gave up cookies for Lent. Really, I did... except for the one I ate so I could evenly divide 3 cookies between 2 young children. If you have young children you know why I needed to do that. It was really hard at first. Especially since I'm a Girl Scout Leader and I've had Girl Scout cookies in my house since mid-February. So I fully expected Easter Evening to be stuffing myself full of cookies.

Except I didn't. I didn't crave them at all.

I realized over 40 days I'm not addicted to cookies. Yes, of course I'll eat cookies at some point. But what I remembered was a book I had read a long time ago that it takes doing something for at least 28 days to make it a regular habit. And that by blogging daily in this challenge I will create a good writing routine that keep me on target down the road. For my blogs and for those I ghost write for.

And I have cookies hidden in my freezer to help.


  1. Great post and spookily similar themes to mine in terms of baked goods (cookies in your case, cakes in mine) and forming positive habits!

  2. :) This could have been my post LAST CHALLENGE!
    I think i have a better idea what to do this time....and i have a plan ;)
    thank goodness we are all jumping in together,
    we will all get wet and make a HUGE splash! good luck with the challenge Gail!

  3. Hi Gail! Love your writing style, fresh and upbeat.
    I see the cookie/28 days/blogging connection. :D
    Best wishes on this new project and thanks for your visit!

  4. Great post for the challenge. I enjoyed the comparison of giving up cookies for lent to blogging every day for a month. Both help create healthy, helpful habits! Good luck! Delighted to meet you as we move forward on the Ultimate Blog Challenge Together.

  5. I gave up sugar and cheese for lent... I didn't crave the sugar... I did miss the cheese.

  6. Good luck with the Challenge! I enjoyed your post and - it will be easier than giving up those cookies. You'll see!


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