Guilt & relief

So this is the post I started on Friday, and then got busy and now here it is Monday.

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone needing CPR AED certification quickly. This happens a lot for me. Sometimes deadlines or card expiration dates creep up quickly and suddenly folks realize that their certification card has expired and they either can't work or turn in their re-licensing paperwork without a valid card.

The challenge was - all my upcoming classes before the date she needed it by were full.

I also don't have a lot of available time. sigh

My business is feast or famine, ... seriously. I'm either popular or I'm not. Since the courses lead to 2 year certification people only come looking for me once every 2 years. Right now I'm super popular. It's exciting and its overwhelming. Because not only do I run my small business; I have 4 children, a part-time job I love and a small content/writing business. Oh and I volunteer WAAAAYYYYYY too much. So suddenly I find I have no available time to fit in a class when I don't need to worry about childcare or how each child is getting to and from where they need to be.

I also have an unrealistic need,, a strong desire to want to help people out. This at times causes some stress I really don't need.

Since my oldest just made the softball team I waited a few days to get the softball schedule first so I didn't overbook myself again.

So by the time I did get back to her she had found another class somewhere else.

I was so relieved.

I should have felt sad that I lost her business. But I could only feel relief. I'm so glad she was able to find a class to renew her certification. The stress of trying to fit in another class into my schedule was overwhelming as I just couldn't figure out when we could match up our schedules.

But I'm slso realizing I need to set better limits on myself to keep caught up on all the paperwork, projects and the business of actually running a business. I love teaching, but sometimes I forget to plan for and schedule all the things that need to happen to make sure the classes are successful, including making sure I get time with my family. And that needs to be my priority.


  1. I sympathise. Between us my husband has a full time job (hospital consultant) we run a french to english medical translation business, I am a writer desperately trying to finish book two and I chair two charities and run the Sunday School. And STILL i find myself saying yes to people. I too have had that moment of relief when they have found an alternative. Sometimes you just have to stop. Hope the softball season goes well


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