One of the Best. Books. Ever

I have never compiled a list of my favorite books, but just finished one that I will call One of the Best. Books. Ever. 

This book is just plain awesome. There is no other word for it.

I have never laughed inappropriately so hard in my life.  In fact today I bumped into someone in the library who also just finished it and her daughter confirmed that she also laughed inappropriately while reading it.

This books is AWESOME!  But seriously, my raving about its awesomeness is not necessarily going to explain why this is one of the Best. Books. Ever.  So I shall explain.  It's a sort of biography/memoir of the odd interesting life of Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess

For anyone who actually reads my blog who doesn't actually know me (although I'm not sure if anyone who doesn't know me actually reads this blog), I work part time as an emergency dispatcher.  I have on occasion said that when I'm at work it's like getting paid to be entertained.  I've also said that there is no way I could ever make up the kinds of stuff we end up dealing with at work.  My imagination is just not that great people!  I am no longer stumped, amazed or awed by the incredibly strange and bizarre things that people do.  Which is why Let's pretend this never happened is so amazing. It's funny, made me laugh, and I was not  frightened amazed by all the interesting things that have happened in her life.

When I was dispatching full-time one of my co-workers and I started a journal, called "Only in Durham".  We listed all the really, really, bizarre stuff that would come in.  I have no idea if this journal exists anywhere anymore, but Jenny's chapter on The Dark and Disturbing Secrets HR Doesn't Want You to Know is right on the same page as the crap interesting things we had to deal with every day.  Yes, the chapter was so fun I took a picture of it.

I think this book is so cool I put it on Pinterest.  Read the book.


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