In just over a week we'll be trapped for the weekend.  It will be fun.  Why will we be trapped and why do I have a picture of the Blue Angels flying over my head?

It's the Boston Portsmouth Air Show  aka the Pease Air Show on Saturday and Sunday.  I live in Newington, a very small town next to Pease that only has 2 roads in and out of town.  One is shut down while the planes are flying.  The other, the highway, becomes a parking lot as people try to drive to and from the air show and with the planes flying over the highway.  They do test flights Friday afternoon, so we are basically trapped in town from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.  Newington doesn't have much in the village so if we run out of anything we're out of it until Monday.  It also means I don't teach or work anywhere all weekend since, well, we're basically trapped.

I took the picture standing next to my house. With my then Blackberry. That's my neighbors house in the edge of the picture.  Yes, you can read the words on the plane.  It was pretty close.  The day before we got surprised by the flyovers on the highway and honestly I waved to the pilots and I swear they could see us in our cars.

Since we're trapped at home it's like a vacation, but with all the conveniences of home.


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