Yes, I peel their faces off

In every class I watch the participants fiddle with the ears or jaws of my mannequins.  That's where the faces attach to the mannequin body.  I think people like to fiddle with them because I don't actually stretch the faces over the pegs.  Mostly because on the adult mannequins they don't stay on the pegs, and on the infant mannequins it just ends up tearing them.

But everyone loves to fiddle.  Sometimes they even start to peel them back.  So I'll fill you in on something.

All the instructors peel the faces off their mannequins after every class.

Yup, we do!  Sounds gross I know. But that's so that we can clean them very well.  The mannequins are cleaned after every class.  It's not just because we want you to have clean equipment to practice on (we do!), we have all each made a substantial investment in our training equipment.  Keeping it clean helps it to last longer. Some brands of mannequins the faces don't peel off, on some their whole heads come off!  But the instructor cleans them very, very thoroughly after each use. So know you now what we do after every class - we peel their faces off.


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