How long do you keep your tree up after Christmas?

I was reading a post on one of my fav blogs, Masshole Mommy this morning and she wrote that she had a friend who once kept a tree up until April.  April is a very nice name of some of my friends and my brother's really nice girlfriend.  But April is not a good month to still have up a Christmas Tree.  It got me thinking about my last post, Please water your tree, that had the cool video of 2 flaming Christmas trees.  I'm obviously a sucker for videos of things on fire, because I have another video of a flaming tree plus a room and contents fire at the end of this post.  But the last video I posted show the differences between how quickly a dry tree went up in flames versus one that had been watered.  The thought of someone leaving their tree up until practically Spring really got me thinking about the fire hazards and the potential for danger. Even a freshly cut tree will dry out at some point.  And at some point it will not drink as much water out of the stand and will just keep getting drier and drier and drier.  No one wants a house fire (well, maybe some people do), but most of us want to keep our dwellings and the really nice gifts we got for each other safe.  Epiphany is January 6, 2012.  That seems like a good time to think about taking down your once live but now dead tree if you haven't already done so.

Oh, and Masshole Mommy is where I got that AMAZING Pink Lemonade Margarita recipe for my neighbors party this past summer.

As promised ... Another flaming tree from the NFPA YouTube Channel


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