Venting or what goes into planning and holding a CPR class

I don't vent that often, or at least I try not to.  But I thought this would be an educational way to explain my need to vent today.

What is missing from this picture?  I'll give you the answer at the end of the post.

When I teach a CPR class there are a lot of things that go into it.  I don't just show up and have it all magically work.  Well, if I do it right that is all that you see.  But let me explain what happens underneath all the magic.

First I have to coordinate a date and location.  This means matching my calendar to my husband's calendar and then to the locations calendar to make sure the room or building is available and there is someone to watch my children.  Once that is organized I have to post the class on my website and either advertise the course or fill out an online form or a combination of both.  For the class in the picture I had to fill out an online form and the organization took care of registrations. 

I then double check my supplies and order (and pay) for more books, mannequin lungs, one-way valves, barrier sheets, wallet cards, CPR cards and any other needed supplies.

For most classes I then receive course registrations via email or phone or online.  I send each person an email course confirmation.

All of my equipment is stored in my basement on some nice shelves my husband made for me.  The day of the class I check my equipment, make sure I have enough supplies in my bags and then I have to carry it all upstairs.  It takes 3-4 trips depending upon the class and what is needed.  It is then another 3-4 trips to load it into my van.

I then drive to the location of the class.  In the picture above the class was at a camp.  Which means I didn't have the luxury of using my dolly or the wheels on one of my equipment bags.  I had to carry it all to the building, get the key out of the lock box in the dark, and then carry it all in.  Once inside I then set it all up so it looks nice like the picture.  Not seen in the picture is the table with all the infant mannequins set up on it. 

So have you noticed what is missing from the picture?  What is missing is ... the students.  Yup, NO ONE showed up for the class.  Since I am addicted to Kindle books on my droid I read for a while, then packed it all into the bags. I then carried it all back to my van.  Drove it all home.  Carried it all into the house and then carried it all downstairs and then put it all back on the nice shelves that my husband had made for me.

So this is my vent.  If you sign up for a class and can't attend please do the instructor the courtesy of calling or emailing to let them know you can't attend. Even short notice "I'm sick!" calls are very much appreciated to save me or another instructor a lot of work and heavy lifting to make the class magically run smoothly. Thanks! :)


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