Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Zombies.

This past Monday morning I watched the news on TV. This is not something I usually have time for or will try to compete with the kids to watch the only TV in the house. But I did and I learned that the Northeast is the path of a hurricane. This is news. Usually here in NH we just get the aftermath after the hurricane is downgraded to a tropical storm or even less severe. A few hours later I found out there was an earthquake a few hundred miles south of us.

So as I'm thinking about Hurricanes and Earthquakes I began to think about Zombies. Yup, Zombies.

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.

What do Zombies have to do with Earthquakes and Hurricanes?

The folks at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention put together a really neat guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Remember a while back the world was supposed to end or we were going to be overrun by zombies? Well the folks at the CDC wanted to make sure we were prepared and created a really good guide on how we could do that. Coincidentally their zombie apocalypse emergency preparedness guide is also a great good guide for how to prepare for a hurricane or earthquake.

Rather than paraphrase the CDC website here are the links to specific emergency preparedness information now that we're in hurricane season and could potentially feel some earthquake aftershocks.

Hurricane Preparedness
Natural Disasters & Severe Weather
Zombie Apocalypse


  1. Way too many movies LOL.

    The Disaster preparedness I get but zombies? Oh, the CDC hmmm.

  2. Michelle I guess it's just my warped sense of humor. :) I think most of know we should be prepared for natural disasters and severe weather, but often it gets pushed back behind the needs to taking care of our day to day lives. Preparing for Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Zombies is just a way to help draw attention that we're in Hurricane Season and there just was an East Coast Earthquake. All good reasons to make sure we're prepared at home in case of severe weather & natural disasters.


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