The countdown begins....

Guidelines 2010 will be released in just a few weeks!

What are Guidelines 2010? They are changes in how we will perform and teach CPR.

Twice a year the International Liason Committee on Resuscitation or ILCOR meets regularly to review scientific studies done on CPR. When there is enough information that suggest that changes should be made they release new guidelines on how we should perform CPR.

October 18th is the date the new Guidelines will be released this year.

What does this mean if you just took a CPR class?

You are still certified in CPR If you have recently taken a class or are planning on taking one before October 18th. Despite releasing the new guidelines on that day, CPR instructors will not have the new training materials until next winter or spring at the earliest. However most of us will be incorporating the new guidelines into our classes until the training materials are available.

How do you find out what the changes will be? You can visit this blog for updates or the American Heart Association website.


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