What do you want in a First Aid kit?

I recently did a survey on First Aid kits. I've begun selling CPR and First Aid supplies on my website. My goal is to offer products that are reasonably priced and user friendly. So far I've found a lot of really, really expensive (embarrassingly expensive) first aid kits; and some that don't have sticker shock. Since my background is EMS I know what I need in my kit, but not everyone does. To get a better sense of what potential customers might want in a first aid kit I did a simple 1 question survey .... What would you look for/at when buying a first aid kit?

I made a list of different reasons for purchasing one kit over another and added a comment box to get any additional info that someone might want to share. The results didn't completely surprise me and will help me to offer products people are looking for at the price they want to pay.

25 people took the survey, the results are:
72% contents
52% price
48% size of the kit
48% easy to understand (packaged in pouches labeled for situation - cuts, burns, etc.)
44% ease of refilling contents
28% durability (i.e.... can it survive soccer season outdoors)
28% a small first aid book
16% location to purchase: online vs. local store (note to self: I should have made this 2 questions since I don't know what someone would prefer)
8% non-traditional contents (flashlight, emergency radio)
0% more gizmos than you'd ever need
0% electronics that tell you what to do
8% all of the above

What am I going to do with this info? I'm continuing my research into different brands and suppliers of First Aid kits. Currently I am offering First Aid kits from Genuine First Aid. So far they have the most reasonable prices that I've seen. I'll be posting a review of the kits I just ordered soon.


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