Registering that AED ...

NH Revised Statutes Annotated
Section 153-A:32

153-A:32 Automated External Defibrillator Registry. – There shall be established in the department of safety a registry for all automated external defibrillators in the state. The department is authorized to release information from the registry to first responders in an emergency through the enhanced 911 system. Registration shall include the address and precise location of the automated external defibrillator.
Source. 2002, 156:2, eff. July 14, 2002.

Section 153-A:33

153-A:33 Registration Required. –
I. The owner of an automated external defibrillator shall register with the department of safety under RSA 153-A:32 within 30 days of acquisition.
II. Manufacturers or distributors shall provide written notice to purchasers of the requirement to register automated external defibrillators with the department.
III. The provisions of paragraphs I and II shall not apply to owners who purchase an automated external defibrillator for use in a private residence.
Source. 2002, 156:2, eff. July 14, 2002.

If you own or purchase an AED in New Hampshire you are required to register your AED. Whomever sells you the AED should inform you of this. The State of New Hampshire has a form to make registration quick and easy.


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