Tonight I did something I said I would never do. I dropped my daughter off at her softball game and didn't stay to watch. I feel horrible. I don't always hang out during practice, but throughout soccer, basketball and softball my husband or I have always stayed and watched the game. Tonight he is working and I don't have anyone to watch the little kids. So I dropped her off and told her I'd be back before it was over. I know a lot of other parents do this, but I've tried so hard to be there for all of their games and activities.

With a large age range of kids it can be hard. Taking 3 non-softball playing kids to their oldest siblings game just isn't their idea of fun. At one game my 3 year old starting yelling she wanted to go home barely into the second inning. At the last game I brought the whole gang thinking we would tailgate in the minivan along the outfield fence. That didn't turn out as bucolic as I had hoped. Tonight it's an away game and the parking is not next to the field. It's really hot and the mosquitos are out in full force. It's not like the fall when we just wear long layers to keep the bugs at bay, it is hot and a little muggy out. I weighed the options of bring unhappy younger siblings soaked in insect repellent - meaning showers and a much later bedtime vs. dropping her off and going back to pick her up. And dropping her off seemed the better option for my sanity level. How do parents of preschoolers attend sports with older kids? Have you ever done the drop and bolt at your child's sports games?


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