So I admit, my blogging has been hit or miss lately. With the final arrival of Spring in New Hampshire (and of course mud....) I haven't wanted to be sitting in front of a computer as much. Which led to some soul-searching and re-evaluating of priorities. It took a week to come to the BIG DECISION which was I am scaling back from my other blog. Yes... if you didn't know it I had a second blog all about shopping and saving on the Seacoast. But it was really time-consuming. I loved doing it, but it was based on my hobby of comparing prices between local stores. As much as I enjoyed it, the time involved was taking my away from my primary business... which is teaching CPR & First Aid, which began cutting into family and home time. I work from home, like a lot of other moms do, so that I'm available when my kids need me. On a beautiful sunny day I don't want to be telling the kids we can't go out to play because mommy is too busy working on her blog.

So I did some soul searching and decided that while I'm not completely shutting down the other blog, I'm scaling back on a big scale. My priorities are family, home and business. Anything else is just for fun, especially when it's not meeting my top 3 priorities. So over the next week you can hopefully expect a lot more on CPR & First Aid blogging as well as my intermittent odd things that come up when working from home with kids.

And if you notice the colorful fun button on my right sidebar - it's the official 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party button. I wasn't fast enough to get in on offering a prize, but check it out. There are hundreds... yes I do mean hundreds! of prizes to be won. Thousands of blogs are participating of which I am just a humble one. Check it out, visit some of the awesome participating blogs and who knows... maybe you'll just win something cool and fabulous!


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