Not the brightest bulb in the prank call business

Last night I got a prank phone call. I haven't had one in years. This was on my business phone from some man who wanted to talk about scheduling a CPR class. At first I thought it was a legitimate call, but when he talked about his own mannequin and then made a few poorly worded racial comments I politely hung up on him.

I am by nature a really sarcastic person who finds humor in things that other people don't. I've worked as a part-time dispatcher in law enforcement for over 20 years, it takes more than this to upset me. I don't find his call funny, but what I'm laughing at is that this wasn't made by some teenage clueless kid. This was from someone whose driver's license states that he is a grown up in the year 2010 - the age of caller ID. Yup, my highly intelligent prank caller tried to prank me with some borderline adult themed call from his cell phone which promptly displayed on my phone. Any other recipient of this call would probably call and report him to the police.

But since I have a warped sense of humor, I'm blogging about it. Yes Mr. Clueless at 603-XXX-7246 in Dover, NH - I'm blogging about your pathetic attempt to give yourself a thrill at someone else's expense. Again THIS IS 2010, I have caller ID on my TV for goodness sake! Grow up.


  1. LOl that's funny. Don't people know that 99% of people have caller id? The least he could have done was block the call duh


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