The new cookie on the block....

One of the many mom hats that I wear is that of Girl Scout Leader. So it should be of no surprise that my daughters' and their troop are selling Girl Scout Cookies! Each year the Girl Scouts adjust the cookie lineup and this year the Girl Scout Councils that offer cookies from the Little Brownie Bakers are offering a new cookie.....

Thank You Berry Munch

This is a cranberry cookie which contains dried cranberries. The cookie had a slightly nutty or oatmeal like hint to it, but the ingredient list does not contain nuts or oatmeal. While I'm located in the Girl Scouts of the Green & White Mountains Council, I had the opportunity to receive a complimentary box from the Girl Scouts of Nassau County.

Since I think reviews of food items are really very subjective, I brought the cookies to my troop meeting in early January. I figured just because I liked the cookie, it did not mean that everyone else would. So how did everyone like them?

The grownups liked the cookie. We agreed it tasted good and was not too sweet. It wasn't our favorite, like Thin Mints or Samoas, which meant that chances are good that one person won't eat the entire box in one sitting. But we did like the cookie. I personally think that they taste very good with tea or cocoa.

The girls didn't like the cookie so much. They thought it didn't have enough flavor like a Tagalong, Lemon Chalet Creme or a Samoa. Out of the six girls who came to the meeting only one had more than one cookie. So this definitely was not one of the girls favorites.

As far as the rest of the cookie line up there is one other change... The Dulce de Leche cookie has been updated. It is a little smaller and does not have the carmel icing on top. I really like the new version as I thought last year's cookie was way too sugary-sweet for my taste. This update has more flavor and is not as sweet.

Girl Scouts throughout NH and VT are taking orders for Girl Scout cookies. Mid-February the cookies will arrive and our famous Cookie Booth Sales will take place until mid-March.

Girl Scouting allows girls of all ages to learn and try new activities in a supportive environment. Activities are girl-planned and girl-led. The annual Cookie Sale allows Girl Scout Councils and Troops to provide programming and activities for the girls. For my troop it has afforded us the opportunity for camping, field trips and to purchase supplies for our different troop activities.

I'd like to thank the Girl Scouts of Nassau County for the opportunity to review the cookie for them. You can find the Nassau County Girl Scouts on Twitter and of course can follow my odd tweets there as well.


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