Help for Haiti

There are many organizations raising money and supplies to help the victims of earthquake in Haiti. But keep in mind that while the work of many to help is good, the coordination and shipment of all these supplies can be difficult or overwhelming. I watched a brief interview with former President Clinton on TV the other night and he said something that made a lot of sense. He said if you want to help out, please donate to the Red Cross. They can purchase & ship supplies, they can mobilize aid. By focusing donations on one organization that is one large group that can make a large impact rather than having many smaller groups all trying to ship smaller supplies that will have a smaller impact.

Please don't interpret this to not support other very worthwhile organizations. But the quickest and largest impact can be made by pooling resources to one large group that has the skills and training in disaster services.

I know times are tight for many of us, believe me... I do know. But any donation helps. Consider donating your time or talents to an organization that supports the work of the Red Cross. It is the collection of many small donations that makes for a strong support network that can fund needed supplies and aid.


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