Safely decorating with lights this Holiday Season

Bright shining decorations make the Holiday season colorful and festive. These same decorations can also be dangerous if they are damaged or used incorrectly.

Before putting up electrical strings of lights check them for exposed and frayed wires or cracked light sockets. Replace any damaged wires with new UL approved light strings.

Don't put up electrical light strings with nails or staples. Use clips or hooks that are designed for holiday decorations.

Don't use indoor holiday light strings outdoors. Indoor light strings are not designed for outdoor use and may not hold up to the outdoor weather.

Check the packaging or directions on light displays to see how many strings you can safely connect together. Some brands may have a limit on how many strings you can safely connect.

Lastly if you are using outdoor electrical decorations make sure they are plugged into a properly installed outdoor outlet and any extension cords you are using are approved for outdoor use.

For more information you can visit the National Fire Protection Association holiday website and the Underwriters Laboratory Holiday Safety website.

NFPA's Lorraine Carli has a few safety tips to consider before you decorate your home for the holidays


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