Reorganizing Priorities

Lately I’ve been neglecting my blog, my social networking and my business. This is hard because I enjoy all of these things. But I’ve been working and reading a bit more lately. One of the books I’ve been reading has a great quote that sums it all up, Life gets in the way.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the myriad responsibilities that have come my way lately. I know I volunteer way too much and I also am not good at saying NO when asked to help out. This is also a slow period for my business so I have been working more at my part time job. So when I have a free moment (hah!) there is so much that needs to be done that I can’t figure out which to do first so most of it does not get done. And I know that this is not unique to me and that this probably happens to a lot of us.

A good friend at work recently lent me two books. Both are inspiration and thought provoking. I’m taking my time to slowly read and reflect on them. I need to reprioritize my life, add more fun family time and yet still accomplish what needs to be done each day. This is a very fine balancing act that will require me to think of new daily strategies to meet these goals. It will not be an overnight process but will take some time and some help from my family. I’ve come to realize that I can be a better parent, person and friend if I take the time to step back, refocus and reprioritize, and then move forward in whatever direction I discover I need to take.


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