Special Agent Who ?!?

Like most parents I try not to rely on TV as an electronic babysitter. But a few times a week I really relied upon the Disney Channel's Little Einsteins at 8am to keep my youngest 2 children occupied while I did some quick housework. Recently Disney changed their line up and added a new show, Special Agent Oso.

Disney describes the show as "Playhouse Disney is proud to introduce the newest animated series, Special Agent Oso! Special Agent Oso teaches kids fundamental skills such as mailing a letter, brushing your teeth or flying a kite. He reminds kids that they can complete these tasks using 3 special steps.".

The show pronounces it as 'oh-so' ... i.e. he is 'oh-so' good at... Now I think my son's pronunciation and verbal skills are pretty good. We've been through speech therapy with one of his older sisters so I'm pretty confident in his verbal skills. He's watched the show 3-4 times and well, he is not pronouncing the characters name correctly. The most family friendly I can describe his pronounciation would be Special Agent As .... ol - you can fill in the blanks.

What were the creators of this show thinking? Most kids aren't going to pronounce this correctly and may make the same mistake as my son. The first time he said it I almost fell over. I'm trying to correct his pronunciation, but I think quite a few 3 and 4 year olds are going to make similar verbal mistakes. So for now we're going to skip the Disney Channel at 8am and I'm going to have to change my morning routine.


  1. hehe...well, that is a bit amusing - but only because it isn't MY child saying it, LOL!! (finally, someone else's child...finally!! LOL! And I thought these things only happened to me!!)


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