A Passion for Pork

Several weeks ago I got an interesting email about one of my nutrition posts. I meant to really jump in and reply and well, life got in the way. I think most of the folks who read my blog are similar to me in that we fit a lot of things in our lives, family, work, volunteering, etc. and sometimes we just get really busy.

His email was very enthusiastic and I have to say I felt really excited that someone had taken the time to really read my blog and not just comment, but to actually email me. Which is where the name of this post comes from, I felt he really had a passion for pork.

No big surprise, the link he provided me with goes to the Pork Board. No, this is not about government spending - despite the title! But Pork as in, "The Other White Meat". The big emphasis was on a study in last month’s British Journal of Nutrition that revealed that eating a calorie-restricted diet with additional protein at breakfast, including Canadian bacon and eggs, led to increased feelings of fullness throughout the day. "Blink!" The light bulb just went on. This is exactly what I am learning with the new Weight Watchers Momentum Plan.

I think I'm not alone in writing that I often struggle to come up with dinner each night. I'm also trying to cook healthier while also keeping my budget and what my family will reasonably eat in mind. This is the link he sent me and the page is about pork and weight management. There are some great links to research done about the benefits of pork as well. Such as The Daily Pork which has recipes & links in a calendar format.

I will admit I have not yet tried the recipes, but am incorporating two into my meal planning for next week. I'm excited to try some new variety and the study does reinforce that my current habit of skipping breakfast most days is not in the best interest of my diet and weight loss (or lack of lately). So if you have a minute check out the links and try a recipe. Let me know which was your favorite or if you have a good low calorie/low fat pork recipe post it here to share!


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