News travels fast on Facebook

Just like I'm new to blogging, I'm new to Facebook as well. I'm not on it all day, just 5 minutes here or there over the course of the day. And I'm not a huge fan of the changes that have just been made. But I wanted to share my observation that Facebook is fast becoming my means to communicate with people really quickly.

The other day I learned some really sad news about a good friend of many of my co-workers. I only work there part-time so I don't see these folks on a regular basis, but when I logged into Facebook there were all these odd status updates, and then within minutes an instant message "Have you heard the news...", and well it goes from there.

Over the course of the evening I received news, instant messages, offered sympathies, emailed and updated others all on Facebook while quietly carrying on my regular evening routine for my kids. I received 1 phone call, but otherwise all the news was relayed on Facebook.

This got me thinking about how I've used Facebook since joining. At first I was puzzled by it since I have been twittering for a while now. But I'm finding it easier to catch up with friends & acquaintances much more easily than email or making phone calls. I've done business networking and even possibly created a good local business alliance. I catch up with friends by posting comments on their wall more than I email or call them.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Using Facebook instead of email or calling? I think it is just the progression of technology. But I think the slight anonymity of typing allows us to be somewhat more truthful or real than we would be on the phone or a face to face conversation. We can type our true feelings clearly without the physical signs of emotion making it difficult for the reader to understand us. It is also easier to relay news that we might not be comfortable putting into words. And rather than emailing and having to remember email addresses, we can just post our status or write a note for our friends to read.

How quickly I have learned to use Facebook to keep in touch, find old friends, make stronger friendships with new friends and to promote my business. I'm sure I've only learned a fraction of what I can use Facebook for, but in just a few short weeks it has quickly become part of my daily routine like checking email. I'm in closer contact now with many people that before I only talked to occasionally. It just takes one status update to let everyone know how I'm doing or for me to see what is on everyone's minds or agenda for the day, all our news and information all on Facebook.


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