Entering the world of online networking

Okay, so I'm still pretty much a newbie when it comes to online networking. I've only been actively online for about a month. My adventure started in a local mothers group I belong to. One of the other business moms emailed several of us to join Moms United in Business. What a great resource! This lead to contributing to Pampered Pregger and Beyond. After a few months I took the big leap and joined Twitter and Twitter Moms, The Mom Entrepreneur and a few more.

It's becoming an adventure, but I do worry that I'm spending a lot more time online and less time on my family, home & business. I'm now in an evaluation phase, trying to decide if some the communities I've joined are beneficial to me or not. My goal in this adventure is to find groups that are similar to me, a mom working primarily from home trying to balance family/home/work/a life (hah!) while learning how to promote and do business well. It's become a challenge of sorts! Some sites don't have as much activity, but what is posted is beneficial, another site I've met a few women like myself, but have been getting a ton of spam comments so I have to decide if weeding through the spam is worth it. There is just not enough hours a day to be actively online in a lot of networking groups and running a home & business!

So feel free to follow me on Twitter or look for me in other online networking groups, you may just find me there.


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